Growing Up in Kansas

Watching pasture fires burn. Cooling watermelon in the creek. Hanging laundry on the line.  Sledding down hills on a shovel. These were seasons of my childhood. These were my Kansas seasons.

For me, growing up was defined by these seasons. Seasons declared the day, our work, and our play. Seasons of Kansas brought expectation, as well as joy and delight.

Here are just a few more childhood memories that have found their way into my “favorites file”:

  • Planting the garden, shucking the corn, and collecting the eggs.
  • Bottle-feeding the calves, milking the cows, and skimming cream off of the milk.
  • Swimming in the horse tank, wading in the creek, fishing in the pond.
  • Collecting pinecones, playing with hedge balls, building forts with sticks and stones.
  • Cranking ice cream, catching fireflies, listening for the coyotes.
  • Riding on the tractor, smelling the harvest, resting in the cool grass.

Are any of these on your list? What are a few of your favorite things?

Photo credit: JamesWatkins / Foter / CC BY


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