That Most Special Place

This cold, rainy day reminded me of an interesting conversation I had with Elizabeth, a lady I met at an event where I was selling and signing my books this past weekend.

 Elizabeth has several grandchildren and purchased one of my books to read together in their “special place”. This special place is a cozy recliner next to their warm fireplace. Her grandchildren climb up in the chair with her and settle in to read, be read to, and talk about stories. Elizabeth even has a special Tinker Bell blanket to snuggle under at her grandchildren’s request.

 We should all have a place like this.

 That most special place under the magical spell of Tinker Bell’s pixie dust. That most special place where we can relax and let go of the world. That most special place where we can dream the dreams that always seem reachable.

 I know I do!

 My old wingback chair in the bedroom is the snuggle spot. It is nestled in a quiet corner, dressed with blankets, and ready for occupancy. I can stretch out in it, using the footstool, or I can curl up in it with one of the sleepy bassets. It is that tranquil place of escape. It’s that certain place of comfort. It is familiar yet new over and over again.

 I do not have grandchildren yet, but I look forward to that day, like Elizabeth, when I will scoop up my little ones and enjoy together a good story, a close time, a most special place.


One thought on “That Most Special Place

  1. Love your writings Shelly – what a gift you have to share! I got “warm fuzzies” from your words this morning. Donna Dee

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