Kindness: Receive It With Gladness, Give It Away With Joy

We love garage sales! And today we set out early on a hunt for a new dining room table for our growing family. After some searching and a few disappointments we came upon a perfect match for our needs.

We measured.

We pondered.

We purchased.

And then we wondered out loud, ” How are we going to get this thing home?”

The chairs were no problem. We could geometrically adjust them into the back of the SUV until they all fit like a giant puzzle. But the nearly 8 foot long table top and base was going to present a problem.


In stepped the garage-sale-stranger-out-of-nowhere. “Let’s throw your table and chairs on my trailer and I’ll follow you home.”

Well, of course, he must know my husband?


Maybe he is a good friend of the home owner?


Just a kind stranger stepping in to help out others with a need. And he did just as he said he would. He helped us load, followed us a few miles out of his way, unloaded our treasure at our home, and drove away without any expectation in return.

We found much more than we bargained for today.

Turns out, this stranger is a principal on summer break, helping out a couple of strangers who happen to be teachers buying a bigger table to spend quality time with children, family, and friends.

Kindness keeps on giving.

Kindness trickles.

Receive it with gladness and give it away with joy.



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