A Little Fall Fun


On my routine early morning walks I have observed more and more the coming of fall. This morning I noticed many hedge balls, otherwise known as hedge apples, lying in the ditches and smashed on the road.


I love seeing these every year because they remind me of childhood fun and creativity. These sticky, bumpy, green balls were actually great entertainment for my sisters and me growing up.


We collected them, counted them, and ordered them by size. We tossed them, rolled them, and stacked them in precarious piles.


We used them in place of softballs, in place of bowling balls, in place of croquet balls.  


When they crumbled, we hunted for another. When they rotted, we collected more.


These hedge balls get sticky, ewww!


They feel lumpy, yuck!


They look weird, gross!


Just what every kid wants! Right?


They are out there, and they are free! No planning required. Just pick one up. Get them while they are still in season and have a naturally fun time.


Oh, and for the moms out there who liken hedge balls to snakes and snails, did I mention they are a natural spider repellant?