Our 20-year-old daughter came home yesterday for a quick visit. She was battling the winter sniffles and not feeling her best. However, my birthday is coming up and she did not want to miss seeing me before my “big day”.


When she arrived in town she took her younger brother lunch at the high school, and made sure to let her favorite principal know how much she appreciated her while she was there.


When I arrived home she greeted me with tight hugs and sincere kisses, before paying her phone bill with a giggle and a smile.


We enjoyed an evening of dinner, “catching up”, and planning for our Christmas time together before it was time for her to go. She had one more stop to make. She had painted a picture for a friend’s young daughter and wanted to deliver it with hugs before the little one’s bedtime.


On the way out I commented on how happy and cheerful she seemed, even with the runny nose and nagging cough.


Her response, “Oh yeah, someone reminded me what JOY means!”


Jesus first.

Others second.

You last.


I am so thankful for every little example that serves as a reminder of the reason for our JOY in every season.


Wishing you all a beautiful Christmas filled with the JOYous celebration of our Savior’s birth.