Happy New Year Class of 1989!

   1989 2014-10-10 at 9.36.45 AM

2014 Council Grove High School Class of 1989 Reunion.

I missed it!

Here’s why.

I didn’t make any other plans. I didn’t blow it off. I even thought about going. I also thought about dieting, buying a new outfit, upgrading my website, liposuction, chemical peels… okay, maybe I’m exaggerating just a bit.

25 years ago I said goodbye and good luck to many gifted and talented high school friends. We all committed to new journeys. I have never doubted these friends are out there in the world making a difference as God has purposed for them.

Some of these friendships have remained. Our generation has been blessed with a technology that sees and knows as much as we want to be seen and be known. With social media, it sometimes feels like we’re all still right there.

Amazingly, I have had the pleasure of running into old classmates in random locations. Spontaneous moments like these are the more authentic reunions of friendship that I have cherished over the years. These moments don’t come with practiced rehearsals of success, covering of age marks and wrinkles, or sucking anything in to get the button done. These moments are simple truths and honest reflections of the real me. As it should be.

So after 25 years, here is what is most important to me, what I want you all to know.

I love God. I love people.

This world out here is not easy. Just like they said twenty-five years ago, it really is full of blood, sweat, and tears. But I have a Savior who gives me joy and hope for every tomorrow. And I pray you have found Him, too.

I have a thankful heart for every blessing I have received. I am blessed through family and friends. You all have been a part of that. You’re a blessing! I am thankful to have shared a little piece of my life with each of you and I encourage each of you, and I pray for you, too, as you all continue on the path God has marked uniquely for you.

I’m hopeful many of our paths do cross again, Council Grove High School Class of 1989. Until then…

Happy New Year!